2009 Stimulus Funding

There are more natural gas vehicles on the road today more natural gas fueling locations because of the 2009 federal stimulus package, known officially as The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The stimulus package provided billions of dollars in new funding for transportation related programs, and a small portion of that funding was dedicated to helping communities switch to clean natural gas powered vehicles.

The Department of Energy funded 25 different projects for alternative fuel, infrastructure and advanced technology vehicle, and 19 of these 25 projects include NGVS. The Federal Transit Administration also awarded about $100 million in funding for more cities to switch to natural gas buses. Together these programs will result in:

  • 3,000 new natural gas vehicles, including 600 heavy duty trucks that will be powered with liquefied natural gas, or LNG.
  • 140 new fueling stations, including 10 that will fuel heavy-duty trucks with liquefied natural gas
  • More than 200 new natural gas powered buses, and the repowering of more than 400 existing natural gas buses, plus the building of several new fueling stations for these bus fleets.

Several states have used the Energy Block Grant funding to set aside money for NGV development.