Apache Corporation — NGV Advocacy & Fleet Implementation Program

Apache has firmly established itself as a leader among its E&P peers and the NGV industry in promoting natural gas as the alternative transportation fuel of choice. To date, Apache has constructed 19 fueling stations, seven of which are open to the public. These stations, located in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Louisiana, have experienced a 660 percent increase in CNG sales volume from 2010 to 2013. Apache will top over 1,000,000 GGEs in CNG sales volume this year.

Apache’s own CNG fleet has grown 417 percent over these past three years. They are on track for a total of over 650 NGVs by the end of this year, and expect an 80 percent natural gas fleet conversion of their 1,100+ U.S. fleet by the end of 2015.

This success story would be remiss without noting that Frank Chapel, who retired the fall 2014, led Apache’s NGV initiative and had been instrumental with its success by orchestrating the development of CNG fueling stations, transforming their fleet, and investing in market development that includes numerous advocacy efforts, education workshops and presentations.

By incorporating high horsepower applications in the field with the success of their NGV initiative, Apache has set the benchmark for their industry peers to ‘walk the talk’ on utilizing clean natural gas as the E&P’s fuel of choice.