John R. Bacon — NGV Industry Lifetime Achievement Award

For more than 25 years, John Bacon has worked to shape the Natural Gas vehicle industry through his dedication to innovation, quality and making natural gas vehicles accessible to fleets throughout the U.S.

In 1989, John founded TDM World Conversions where he began converting vehicles to run on CNG and propane. As the industry fought for market share, John helped overcome perceptions created by inferior upfitters which was critical to the industry’s long-term success. In 1994, John took the helm of cylinder manufacturer, NGV Systems, in Long Beach and for the next five years provided CNG tanks to the market. When NGV Systems was sold in 1999, John took charge of Bachman NGV in Louisville with co-founder Bill Calvert. Together, the pair built and expanded the company which later moved to Dallas and evolved into BAF Technologies. Under John’s leadership, BAF grew to a $47 million dollar company which converted more than 20,000 vehicles. BAF accomplishments are many and include: becoming the first CNG upfitter to achieve Ford QVM status and offering the broadest selection of converted light-duty vehicles in the market. A milestone in NGV history occurred with BAF’s successful development of the Ford E-Series Van,which convinced AT&T to commit to acquiring thousands of natural gas vehicles. John’s passion and industry reputation was instrumental to Clean Energy purchasing the company in 2009. When BAF was sold to Westport in 2013, John remained with Clean Energy where he still works today.

John’s positive influences throughout his career were paramount to supporting an emerging industry and he has continually proved over his long career that natural gas is a safe, viable domestic choice for the transportation sector.