Seaboard Foods — Outstanding CNG Fleet & Station Program

Seaboard Foods, headquartered in Shawnee Mission, Kansas, has grown from a start-up operation in the early 1990s to become a 5,000 employee integrated food producer of premium pork products. The company, which is a top ten pork producer and processor in the United States, decided to make the switch to CNG last year. Seaboard Foods has considerable transportation needs—ranging from farm trucks utilized on over 47 farms, to trucks to haul pigs from local farms to their pork processing plant, to over-the-road semis to carry pork products across the nation. To meet these needs, Seaboard Foods has been building a company-owned CNG fleet from the ground up. Today, they have 186 NGVs that include 103 tractors utilizing Cummins Westport’s ISX-12G engine and 83 light-duty Ford pick-up trucks. Seaboard has logged more than 7 million miles with CNG and is on track to displace more than 1 million gallons of diesel fuel this year.

High Plains Bioenergy, a subsidiary of Seaboard Foods, opened its first public CNG filling station this year in Guymon, Oklahoma. This subsidiary uses CNG fuel to haul another alternative fuel, biodiesel, created from their waste food products.

Seaboard Foods is recognized today for using natural gas as a transportation fuel in all aspects of their vertically-integrated operations.