NGVA Press

  2014 press releases
4-28-14 NGVAmerica Congratulates Saddle Creek as Green Fleet of the Year
3-20-14 NCWM to Vote on Diesel Gallon Equivalent Standard
3-11-14 Sen. Inhofe Introduces Legislation to Encourage the Production of NGVs
1-30-14 North American NGV Conference & Expo Coming to Kansas City
1-29-14 President Supports NGVs in State of the Union Address
1-23-14 Kolodziej Retiring as NGVAmerica President
  2013 press releases
11-22-13 NGVAmerica Honors Recipients of the 2013 NGV Achievement Award
11-5-13 2013 North American NGV Conference and Expo Set to Be One of the Largest NGV-Focused Industry Events in Over a Decade


ATA Signs on as Event Partner of NGVAmerica's 2013 North American NGV Conference & Expo
7-26-13 NGVAmerica Applauds Sen. Inhofe for Bill to Encourage NGV Production
6-14-13 Senate Introduces the LNG Excise Tax Equalization Act of 2013
6-5-13 North American NGV Conference & Expo Will Celebrate 20th Anniversary of Clean Cities Program
5-31-13 Congress Introduces the LNG Excise Tax Equalization Act
4-9-13 Natural Gas Industry Allies Urge Congress to Fund NGV R&D
3-18-13 NGVs Play Pivotal Roles in Obama Energy Plan
3-3-13 North America NGV Conference & Expo Slated for Atlanta, Ga., Nov. 18–21
2-12-13 NGVs Can Achieve President Obama’s Goal of Energy Independence
2-4-13 NGVAmerica Praises Sen. Murkowski for National Energy Vision
  2012 press releases
10-11-12 Announcing a New Information Service for US LNG Fuel Production
4-10-12 EDF Study Draws Wrong Conclusions about Natural Gas Vehicles
1-26-12 NGVAmerica Applauds President for Urging More Use of Natural Gas in Transportation
  2011 press releases
8-9-11 Heavy Duty Vehicle Rules Undervalues Benefits of NGVs
5-23-11 NGVAmerica takes to the airwaves to support NAT GAS Act
5-5-11 Targeted Government Policies Can Accelerate Use of Natural Gas Vehicles


NGVAmerica praises House Blue Dog Coalitions Endorsement of NAT GAS Act
4-6-11 2011 NAT GAS Act introduced
3-31-11 Converting Vehicles to Run on Natural Gas Just Got Easier
3-30-11 President Obama Calls for Passage of NAT GAS Act
3-10-11 As Prices Rise, States Support Natural Gas Vehicles
3-2-11 Clark named Chairman of NGVAmnerica
  2010 press releases
12-17-10 NGV incentives in tax bill
10-25-10 EPA/DOT miss opportunity to recognize natural gas
10-21-10 Industry to EPA: Count all emissions
8-13-10 Individuals, organizations receive 2010 National Natural Gas Vehicle Achievement Awards
7-27-10 Energy bill moves country in right direction
6-23-10 Rule change should expand market for natural gas vehicles
6-15-10 Mayors support NAT GAS legislation
6-15-10 Plans are Done: Organizations Say It Is Time For Action To End Oil Dependence
5-12-10 Natural Gas Vehicles Get Boost in Climate Legislation
5-7-10 Statement from NGVAmerica in response to EPA’s proposal to streamline the approval process for fuel conversion systems
5-7-10 Statement on GM Announcement
4-14-10 Groups to Coordinate Promotion of Natural Gas Hybrid-Electric Vehicles
3-24-10 NGVAmerica congressional testimony
3-24-10 Congress should do more to support Natural Gas for Transportation
2-24-10 33 Natural Gas Producers Join NGVAmerica to Support the Use of Natural Gas Vehicles in the United States