Vehicle Availability

There are a number of light-duty natural gas vehicle options available from several original equipment manufacturers (OEM). These vehicles can be purchased from the dealership through a process that has been streamlined for the customer. These vehicles include:

• Honda Civic Natural Gas Sedan (dedicated)
• GM Impala Sedan (bi-fuel)
• GM Silverado/Sierra Pickup (bi-fuel)
• GM Express/Savana Cargo and Passenger Vans (dedicated)
• Ram 2500 Dual-Cab Pickup (bi-fuel)

Ford also offers a gaseous fuel prep option on its F-Series trucks, as well as its Transit and Transit Connect vans. Many other light-duty, as well as medium and heavy-duty, vehicle options are available through small vehicle modifiers (SVM). These companies manufacture conversion systems that have been certified and approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and/or the California Air Resources Board (CARB). These approved systems can be installed on both new and used vehicles to run on natural gas. To see a complete listing of aftermarket conversion systems, view the Certified and Approved Vehicles and Engines documents below.

Cummins Westport currently offers the 8.9L ISL-G and the 11.9L ISX-G natural gas engines. These spark-ignited engines are used in a variety of applications, from refuse trucks and transit buses to cement trucks and long-haul tractors. Cummins Westport is currently developing the 6.7L ISB-G natural gas engine to support the medium-duty vehicle market. These engines will be used in vehicles such as delivery trucks, school buses, and shuttles. The 6.7L is scheduled to be available in 2015. Retrofit and repower options are also available from a variety of manufacturers. For a list of EPA and CARB certified engines, view the Certified and Approved Vehicles and Engines documents below.

Heavy-Duty Truck OEMs

  • Freightliner Truck
  • Volvo
  • International
  • Kenworth
  • Peterbilt
  • Mack

Heavy-Duty Vocational OEMs

  • Mack
  • Peterbilt
  • Crane Carrier
  • Autocar Truck
  • ALF Condor
  • Elgin
  • Johnston
  • Schwarze
  • Tymco
  • Capacity
  • Ottawa

Heavy-Duty Bus OEMs

  • Thomas Built Bus
  • Blue Bird Bus
  • Optima/NABI
  • El Dorado
  • New Flyer
  • Motor Coach Ind.
  • Gillig
  • DesignLine
Heavy-Duty Retrofit/Repowers

  • American Power Group
  • Clean Air Power
  • Fyda Energy Solutions
  • NGV Motori
  • Omnitek Engineering
  • Diesel 2 Gas

Light-Duty OEMs

  • American Honda
  • General Motors
  • Ram Trucks
  • Ford

Light-Duty/Medium-Duty Retrofits

  • Altech-Eco
  • Landi Renzo USA/Baytech
  • IMPCO Automotive
  • Westport/BAF Technologies
  • Crazy Diamond Performance
  • NGV Motori USA
  • M-Tech Solutions
  • STAG
  • NatGasCar
  • AGA Systems
  • Greenkraft
  • PowerFuel Conversions
  • World CNG
  • Zavoli

Certified and Approved Conversion Systems
The documents below cover aftermarket conversion systems that consumers and businesses may purchase in order to modify new or used vehicles so that they can operate on natural gas. Some of these systems may be ordered directly through automotive dealerships when placing an order for a new vehicle. However, all of the systems listed here are aftermarket from the standpoint that they are offered as modifications to OEM gasoline or diesel fueled vehicles.

The information is organized by certified or approved light-duty and heavy-duty chassis vehicles, as well as by certified or approved heavy-duty engines. The individual sheets are further organized by OEM (e.g., Chrysler, Ford, or GM), model year, and engine size, so that persons interested in a conversion system for a particular vehicle may quickly locate it. All of the systems listed have been either certified or approved by the EPA or CARB.

Please review the listings of available systems and also the websites of the companies who offer them. All of these companies are dealing with a large number of inquiries and a significant demand for NGVs, so please review all available materials before making inquiries about particular vehicles, systems, or engines.

Last update:  January 1, 2017
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