VW Florida


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EMT Fund

$166.3 million

Action Deadline(s)

Initial Public Comment deadline to RFIs was June 23, 2017.

Request for Comments/Input 

Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection has published a Request for Additional Information (RFI) to collect information to assist in determining the range and types of diesel emission reduction and mitigation projects that potentially exist in the state to help inform Florida’s draft Beneficiary Mitigation Plan. This RFI is “also intended to identify Interested Entities that may be interested in participating in potential mitigation projects in the future.  Interested stakeholders are requested to fill out separate forms relating to the following categories identified below.  Interested entities can view and download the six RFIs from the Vendor Bid System (VBS) website. Once at this site, the steps listed below should be followed to access the RFIs: Click “Search Advertisements”; Under the “Agency” search field, select the “Department of Environmental Protection” and click on “Initiate Search”; Click on the applicable RFI number below.  Responses are due 6/23/17 and must be in writing and submitted electronically to the Procurement Officer identified in the RFIs. Responses must be submitted as a .xls file using the appropriate Microsoft Excel template located below. 

Draft Plan

Florida’s Beneficiary Mitigation Plan is under development. No timeline has yet been given for its release.

Where to Send Comments

DEP has established an email list for parties interested in following developments related to the State Mitigation Plan and future activity under the Mitigation Trust Fund. Please visit DEP’s subscription page to sign up for email updates.

NGVAmerica Comment Letter

Member Support Letter

Webinars, Meetings, Workshops

No events planned as of July, 2017.


Department of Environmental Protection


Legislative Proposals

SB-2502 – Authorizes the Legislative Budget Commission to approve increased amounts to be appropriated to the Department of Environmental Protection using funds provided under the VW Settlement.

Status: VW provisions added in Conference, Conference Report passed both Houses as of 5/8/17, enacted 6/2/17.