VW New Mexico

New Mexico

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EMT Fund

$18 million

Action Deadline(s)

No Public Comment deadline released as of July, 2017.

Request for Comments/Input 

The Department of Environment has set up a website and released some details on how it plans to proceed. A press release issued by NM indicates that “New Mexico’s Environment Department with other state agencies and public input is developing the criteria for scoring projects, which will include the level of nitrogen oxide reductions and environmental benefits.  Every project proposal submitted to NMED for funding that meets the eligibility requirements will be considered. As the BMP is still in development, no decisions have been made about how to spend New Mexico’s share (approximately $18M) of the$2.925B national settlement monies, or who will receive this money.

During August 2017, the Environment Department will conduct public outreach meetings in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Gallup, Farmington, Las Cruces, and Roswell. At these meetings, representatives of the Environment Department will provide more details on the VW Settlement and solicit input. To receive email alerts about dates for the public outreach meetings and information related to the Beneficiary Mitigation Plan, please visit the Environment Department’s VW Settlement website at https://www.env.nm.gov/vw-settlement/  and sign up for the VW Settlement Listserv by following the Subscribe to VW Settlement Updates link on that page.

Draft Plan

New Mexico’s Beneficiary Mitigation Plan is under development.

No timeline has yet been given for its release.

Where to Send Comments

Please contact NMED at vw.info@state.nm.us or (505) 476-4300.

NGVAmerica Comment Letter

Member Support Letter

Webinars, Meetings, Workshops

Public Outreach Meetings – Albuquerque (8/21), Santa Fe (8/14), Gallup (8/24), Farmington (8/23), Las Cruces (8/16), and Roswell (8/17).



Department of Environment


Legislative Proposals

New Mexico has no proposed legislation applicable to the VW Settlement as of 7/2017.