VW Ohio


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EMT Fund

$71.4 million

Action Deadline(s)

Initial public comment period ended January 15, 2017.

Request for Comments/Input 

Ohio EPA has asked for public comment on how it will use its portion of the Volkswagen settlement to offset the effects of diesel emissions. Ohio EPA has indicated it will prepare and submit a plan for how it expects to award approximately $15 million per year in grants beginning in 2018. Based on the feedback it receives from the initial request for information, the agency plans to draft a state mitigation plan that will be circulated during a formal comment period in the spring. For questions about the grant program, or to be added to the list of “interested parties” who will receive email updates, email: derg@epa.ohio.gov. Questions about the program can be referred to Carolyn Watkins in the Office of Environmental Education at (614) 644-3768. Updates will also be posted regularly on the program website. Ohio announced that there will be a very short (30 day) formal public comment period on Ohio’s draft plan later in the spring of 2017.

Overview of Ohio VW mitigation planning (PDF) (updated 3/13/17)

Draft Plan

Ohio’s Draft Beneficiary Mitigation Plan

Where to Send Comments

To be added to the Interested Parties list to receive emailed updates, please send your email address and contact information to derg@epa.ohio.gov. Please send any questions and comments about Ohio’s implementation of the VW Mitigation Trust funds to derg@epa.ohio.gov or contact Carolyn Watkins in the Office of Environmental Education at (614) 644-3768.

NGVAmerica Comment Letters

Initial Comments, 4/2017 RFI Comments, 1/2018

Member Support Letter

Webinars, Meetings, Workshops

No events planned as of July, 2017.


Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Legislative Proposals

Ohio has no proposed legislation applicable to the VW Settlement as of 7/2017.