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EMT Fund

$118.5 million

Action Deadline(s)

Submit comments by 7/5/17

Request for Comments/Input (Comment Deadline 7/5/17)

The PA DEP released a notice announcing the availability of a Draft Mitigation Plan, the opening of a comment period, a May 23 Webinar, and dates for public forums for receiving comments. The Draft plan indicates that the state plans to consider all available funding options under the Environmental Mitigation Trust and will focus on “the most cost-effective projects that will maximize emission reductions.” Among other things, the notice indicates that the state will give consideration to projects that advance the state’s energy and environmental goals, and that transform the market for technologies. The notice indicates that the DEP initially intends to target the following groups and allocations: On-road fleet projects – 20 – 40% of funding; Non-Road/Off-Road Fleet Projects – 35 -55%; DERA Eligible Fleet Projects – 0 – 20%; Light Duty ZEV Supply Equipment – 15%; Administrative – up to 15%. The draft plan also includes estimates to the NOx reductions anticipated to be generated by projects. As for how to dispense funding, the notice indicates the state is considering competitive awards, sole-source awards, rebated programs, and pilot projects.

Where to Send Comments

Comments may also be submitted using DEP’s online eComment system. Written comments may also be submitted by email at eComment@pa.gov or mailed to the Department of Environmental Protection, Policy Office, Rachel Carson State Office Building, P.O. Box 2063, Harrisburg, PA 17105-2063.

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Webinars, Meetings, Workshops

PA has scheduled a series of listening sessions, details available:


Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

Legislative Proposals

SB 722Directs how VW Settlement Funds are to be used: (1) majority of funding should go to optional low-NOx certified engines or vehicles and zero emission vehicles; (2) no more than 25 percent funding is to be provided for the cost of private fleet to purchase replacement vehicles, (3) cap of $50,000 for replacement costs; and, (4) no more than 20 percent of available funds are to be used for public or governmental fleets. Status: to Environmental Resources and Energy.