VW South Carolina

South Carolina

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EMT Fund

$33.8 million

Action Deadline(s)

No deadlines for comments yet specified.

Request for Comments/Input 

The Department of Insurance recently announced that it has been designated by the Governor as the lead agency in SC. A new website set up by the Department invites comments on how the agency should use the VW Settlement funding.

Draft Plan

South Carolina’s Beneficiary Mitigation Plan is under development. No timeline has yet been given for its release.

Where to Send Comments

Comments may be sent to:  vwsettlement@doi.sc.gov.
To sign up for updates:  doi.sc.gov/notifyme (select “VW Settlement” distribution list under “News Flash”)

NGVAmerica Comment Letter

Member Support Letter

Webinars, Meetings, Workshops

No events planned as of July, 2017.


Department of Insurance

Legislative Proposals

South Carolina has no proposed legislation applicable to the VW Settlement as of 7/2017.