VW Washington


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Lead Agency

Department of Ecology

EMT Fund

$112.7 million

Action Deadline(s)

No deadlines posted as of November, 2017

Request for Comments/Input 

No formal request has been issued. However, the state has setup a Website and a List Serve to provide information on the VW settlement. Webinar February 2, 2017.  The Department of Ecology held a webinar to share some very basic information about the federal Volkswagen settlement and the monies available.  The presentation was given by Stu Clark.  Very little detail was provided on how WA plans to spend its fund.  Mr. Clark did indicate that the governor has directed the department to set aside $16.9 million or 15 percent of the funds for light duty electric vehicle charging infrastructure.  WA Ecology also indicated that it expects the Trust to be effective later this month and that WA will formulate and submit a Mitigation Plan sometime between June and September of this year.  The agency plans to hold meetings in the coming months to seek input on developing a draft Mitigation Plan. Ecology held a survey that closed on May 31, 2017 to ask which categories outlined in the court consent decree are most important to potential beneficiaries. The decree outlines specific ways the funds can be used. The “revised” goals, principles, and priorities are based on feedback we received from participation in the March 23, 2017 survey.  

Draft Plan

Washington’s Beneficiary Mitigation Plan

Where to Send Comments

In addition to the List Serve, questions can be asked by email.    Primary points of contact within the Department of Ecology are: Brett Rude brett.rude@ecy.wa.gov 360-407-6847 Mike Boyer michael.boyer@ecy.wa.gov 360-407-6863

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Energy and Environmental Protection

Legislative Proposals

Washington HB1075. Appropriates funds generated by carbon tax. Includes $15 million for projects intended to electrify the transportation sector. Directs that 15 percent of the VW Settlement money go for EV light duty infrastructure. Also appropriates $20 million for Dept. of Ecology that appears to be related to VW, or to light duty ZEV effort. Status: committee substitute 4/7/17 includes very specific guidance and percentage allocations. Also includes $13 million for electric transportation projects; passed House 6/30/17; $13 million in now $11 million.