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Nopetro Finalizes Agreement with Central Florida Transit Authority

Nopetro has finalized negotiations with Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (LYNX) to build and operate a CNG fueling station, provide improvements to its maintenance facility and convert the public bus fleet to CNG. In addition to fueling LYNX’s bus fleet, Nopetro’s station would also be available to serve private commercial fleets and the public. As part of the contract, Nopetro will build and operate a fueling station and make certain renovations and improvements to the adjacent maintenance facility to meet CNG-compliance standards. LYNX will purchase and/or lease an initial 35 CNG buses and is projected to have more than 150 CNG buses within the next five years. The 150 CNG buses would represent half of its current pool of 300 diesel vehicles. Nopetro currently operates a similar public-private partnership CNG station with the City of Tallahassee, Leon County and Leon County Schools. Nopetro is working to finalize and implement CNG P3 projects with St. Johns County and Charlotte County Public Schools, to complement Nopetro’s existing facility in Leon County and growing network throughout the Southeast. Nopetro is also collaborating with Karsan on a proposal to convert Miami-Dade trucks and buses to CNG.