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Colorado Governor Issues Greening of State Government Executive Order


On October 28, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper issued an executive order that calls for, among other things, one and five year goals for reducing petroleum use and greenhouse gas emissions. The Greening of State Government Executive Order (EO) D 2015-013 includes provisions intended to bolster Colorado state government’s commitment to efficiency and sustainability.  The EO creates the Greening Government Leadership Council, which will be formed by designees from state executive agencies.

In the area of transportation, the order calls annually reducing per vehicle petroleum consumption by 4 percent and 20 percent overall by 2020, compared to 2015 baseline fuel consumption.  The order also calls for an overall fleet-wide reduction of petroleum consumption by 15 percent during the same time period.  With regard to new purchases, the order directs the state fleet and the Colorado Department of Transportation to acquire natural gas vehicles when such vehicles are available and satisfied existing statutory requirements. Colorado law requires state agencies to purchase alternative fuel vehicles if their base cost or life cycle cost are not more than ten percent greater than comparable petroleum fueled vehicle.

The EO also creates a State fleet Sub-Council that will “develop, implement, and improve programs, plans, and policies that save money, reduce emissions, promote domestic fuel use, and conserve natural resources.” The Sub-Council will evaluate a number of different policies and look at developing new procedures to allow for early retirement of vehicles and replacement with alternative fuel vehicles when cost-effective. It also is charged with evaluating alternative financing options for fleet acquisitions and ensuring that alternative fuel vehicles are included in annual State pricing agreements, and that these agreements also include alternative fuel heavy duty equipment.

Governor Hickenlooper’s Administration has long championed the use of natural gas vehicles.  Governor Hickenlooper, along with Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma, led the effort to develop the State NGV Memorandum of Understanding that facilitated the purchase of natural gas vehicles by 22 participating states.  Both governors also have been strong supporter of the diesel gallon equivalent standard and the effort to secure its adoption at the National Conference on Weights and Measures.

The Executive Order is available here.