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High Plains Bioenergy to Increase Production of Renewable Natural Gas


High Plains Bioenergy (HPB), a subsidiary of Seaboard Foods, recently announced plans to upgrade their anaerobic digestion-derived biogas to renewable natural gas using a Carbotech Pressure Swing Adsorption system from BIOFerm Energy Systems/Viessmann Group. Located in Guymon, Oklahoma, HPB currently fuels boilers with the biogas created from the anaerobic digestion of food processing pork waste.

BIOFerm’s installation in Guymon will consist of a complete, integrated gas upgrading system—from biogas filtration, to biogas compression, through upgrading to natural gas pipeline quality requirements and treatment of off-gas—including a performance guarantee and comprehensive control system for the whole package.

“Seaboard Foods and High Plains Bioenergy showcase an unparalleled industry model for sustainability through their commitment to renewables,” said Nadeem Afghan, President and CEO of BIOFerm Energy Systems.

Once finished, HPB‘s Carbotech PSA upgrading system will have a raw biogas processing capacity of 1200 scf/minute and an expected product gas composition with  almost 96 percent methane despite the high oxygen and nitrogen portion in the raw gas.