Government Policy

NGVAmerica supports the adoption of government policies that stimulate the development and use of natural gas vehicles (NGVs). We work closely with industry stakeholders and lawmakers to streamline regulations and promote beneficial policies. We believe strong political leadership can create dramatic growth in the NGV industry and help achieve a number of national policy goals, including reducing urban air pollution and greenhouse gases, reducing our dependence on foreign oil, creating American jobs, and strengthening our economy.

NGVAmerica and its members support efforts to:

  • Encourage the purchase and use of NGVs, with an emphasis on fleet vehicles;
  • Promote the expansion of NGVs in public transportation, government fleets, and other taxpayer-funded vehicles;
  • Promote the production of NGVs by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs);
  • Encourage the certified conversion or repowering of gasoline and diesel vehicles to natural gas;
  • Incentivize the installation of natural gas fuel pumps at service stations and commercial facilities;
  • Encourage the installation of natural gas home refueling appliances; and
  • Encourage government support of natural gas vehicle research and development.