Industry Links

Vehicle Information 
AFDC Vehicle Buyer’s Guide for Consumers
Features information about natural gas vehicles and connects users to a database of current model year cars and trucks available to lease or purchase.

GSA Fleet Auction Site
GSA Fleet operates over 23,000 AFVs. Each year GSA Fleet sells 2,000 to 4,000 used AFVs as they are replaced by new vehicles. All the information you need to purchase AFV vehicles at a public auction is available on this site. You can learn about AFVs, view vehicles expected to be available in 2012, look for specific vehicles for sale now, and search for auction locations in your area.

NGV Fueling Station Locators
Fuel Station Locator (CNG)Fuel Station Locator (LNG)
The Alternative Fuels Data Center contains refueling stations for various alternative fuels, including CNG and LNG, throughout the country.

Fleet Calculators 
VICE 2.0: Vehicle and Infrastructure Cash-Flow Evaluation Model
The VICE model version 2.0 is the second generation of the financial model developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory for fleet managers to assess the financial soundness of converting their fleets to run on compressed natural gas (CNG).

DNGI Fuel Savings Calculator
The Natural Gas Fuel Savings Calculator, produced by The Drive Natural Gas Initiative, a collaboration between natural gas utilities and producers, helps with the preliminary analysis of the total costs associated with converting a fleet.

Argonne AFLEET ToolAFLEET Tool Instructions
The Department of Energy’s Clean Cities Program has enlisted the expertise of Argonne develop a tool to examine both the environmental and economic costs and benefits of alternative fuel and advanced vehicles. Argonne has developed theAlternativeFuelLife-CycleEnvironmental and Economic Transportation (AFLEET) Tool for Clean Cities stakeholders to estimate petroleum use, greenhouse gas emissions, air pollutant emissions, and cost of ownership of light duty and heavy duty vehicles using simple spreadsheet inputs.

For more information, visit the Argonne AFLEET Tool website here.

Cylinder Inspection
CNG Cylinder Inspectors
This registry database will provide the name, listing of current certifications, and contact information for individuals who have passed an exam for the CSA Standards Personnel Certification programs.

CNG Cylinder Inspector Training
Clean Vehicle Education Foundation lists organizations that offer CNG cylinder inspection training for the CSA certification test.

Federal Government Information
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Transportation Research Board
Department of Energy’s Office of Alternative Fuels 
Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center
Department of Energy’s Fuel Economy Information
EPA’s Office of Mobile Sources (To report EPAct compliance)

Other Alternative Fuel Sites
Clean Cities
Clean Vehicle Education Foundation
Metropolitan Washington Council of Government’s Advanced Technology Vehicle Program
National Alternative Fuels Training Program Consortium

Publications and News Services
Clean City News
The official quarterly publication of the Clean Cities Program and the Alternative Fuels Data Center, providing information about Clean Cities’s projects, designations, and conferences as well as up-to-date information about developments in the alternative fuels industry.

The Fuels Fix
The quarterly ezine from the Clean Cities Coordinators in the Southeast.

Fleets & Fuels
A biweekly newsletter highlighting AFV news and info.

The NGV Forum 
NGVAmerica’s national news and dialogue service for the natural gas vehicle industry.

NGT News
Next-Gen Transportation is an alternative fuels news site.

NGV Global
International news service of NGV Global, the International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles.

Research and Development
U.S. LNG Fuel Production Plants
This regularly updated information service of NGVAmerica and Zeus Intelligence provides information on U.S. LNG facilities with the capability to offload LNG into trailers for truck delivery.

Gas Technology Institute
New York State Energy and Research Development Authority
Navigant Research, Alternative Fuel Vehicles

State and Community AFV-Related Information
California Air Resources Board (CARB)
California Energy Commission’s AFV Site
New York State Energy and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA)
Pennsylvania Natural Gas Vehicle Program 
Oklahoma Natural Gas CNG Rebate Program

National NGV Associations
California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition
California NGV Partnership

International NGV Associations
Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance
Chilean NGV Association (Spanish only)
French Natural Gas Vehicles Association
Natural and bio Gas Vehicle Association Europe (NGVA Europe)
NGV Global, International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles
Latin American Association for Natural Gas Vehicles
Portuguese Natural Gas Vehicle Association (Portuguese only)
Erdgas Biogas, Swiss NGV Association (German only)

Environmental Web Sites
Energy Vision
Environmental Defense
Natural Resources Defense Council
Union of Concerned Scientists
The World Bank Group