Final Plan

In June 2018, CARB issued its final Beneficiary Mitigation Plan.  The plan is heavily tilted toward benefiting electric vehicles and provides the following funding allocations:

Zero-Emission Transit, School, and Shuttle Buses -$130 million

Zero-Emission Class 8 Freight and Port Drayage Trucks - $90 million

Zero-Emission Freight and Marine Projects - $70 million

Combustion Freight and Marine Projects - $60 million

  • Low NOx Class 7-8 Freight Trucks
  • Tier 4 Freight Switchers
  • Tier 4 or Hybrid Ferry, Tugboat, and Towboat Repowers

Light-Duty Zero-Emission Vehicle Infrastructure - $10 million

Reserve (including administrative costs) - $63 million

Funding Opportunity - Freight & Marine Projects

CARB has announced the opening off the application period for the competitive Combustion Freight and Marine Project funding.  The deadline for this opportunity is March 4, 2020.  This solicitation is open to eligible government and non-government owners of in-use freight trucks, switcher locomotives, ferries, tugboats and towboats throughout California.  The SCAQMD is administering $60 million statewide in two equal installments of $30 million each for projects that will repower or replace older internal combustion vehicles, equipment and engines with the cleanest commercially available internal combustion or hybrid technologies certified by CARB.


The solicitation will be competitive and the selection of projects for this category will be determined based on cost effectiveness of NOx emissions reductions (i.e. dollars per ton of NOx reduced) and whether a project will benefit a disadvantaged or low-income community.  Class 7 and 8 trucks qualify for funding of 25 percent of the cost of a new truck or 50 percent for Class 8 Port trucks up to $85,000 for non-government entities; government entities qualify for 100 percent of funding but with the same cap of $85,000.  Qualifying trucks include drayage trucks, waste haulers, dump trucks, and concrete mixers.  For freight switcher locomotives non-government funding is 25 percent (100 percent for government entities) of the cost for new replacement equipment or maximum of $1.35 million; repowers qualify for 40 percent of cost.  Ferry, tugboats and towboat are limited to repower projects with non-government funding of 40 percent of the cost of projects up to maximum of $1 million.  More details available here:

Final Plan

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