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Request for Comments/Input

On August 3, MDE released its Draft Environmental Mitigation Plan.  Comments on the Plan may be submitted until close of business on Aug. 31. Maryland will hold two public listening sessions to provide an overview of Maryland's Mitigation Plan and field questions. More information on the listening sessions will be forthcoming.  Proposed Projects for Future Plan: MDE also will be accepting proposals for eligible mitigation projects that can potentially be incorporated into future versions of Maryland's Mitigation Plan. If you wish to propose a project for inclusion in Maryland's Mitigation Plan, please complete and submit this form by close of business on March 1, 2019: Maryland Volkswagen Project Proposal.pdf.  Electronic submissions can be emailed to mde.vw@maryland.gov or paper comments can be sent to:  Mobile Sources Control Program, Maryland Department of the Environment, 1800 Washington Blvd. Ste. 705, Baltimore, MD 21230.  MDE will evaluate project proposals as outlined in the Mitigation Plan and Project Proposal Form and select projects for funding that best align with the goals of Maryland's Mitigation Plan

Proposed Draft Plan Allocations:

  1. 15% Electric Vehicle Infrastructure - Approximately $11.3 million
  2. 37.7% Private Sector and Federal Government Vehicles (cargo handling equipment, switcher locomotives, heavy-duty diesel trucks replacements) $28.5 million
    1. Drayage Truck Replacement $2 million
    2. Maryland Idle Reduction Program DERA Match $500,000
    3. Freedom Fleet Voucher for Alternative Fuel Vehicle Purchases- $5 million
    4. Private Sector and Federal Government Fleets -$21 million
  3. 15.8%  Local Governments, Communities, and Environmental Justice – $12 million
    1. Transit Bus Replacement (incremental cost of electric and alternative fuel buses) - $4 million
    2. School Bus Replacement (incremental cost of alternative fuel buses) - $4 million
    3. Other Eligible Projects - $4 million
  4. 30.2% State Agency Projects - $22.8 million
    1. MDOT MTA) - $3.4 million
      1. Rail Maintenance Equipment Dump Truck & Hi-Rail Dump Truck Replacements Total Costs: $1.1 million 
      2. 40-Foot Buses - $2.32 million
      3. MDOT MPA Port Ground Service Equipment - $3.48 million
      4. MDOT MAA 40-foot and 60-Foot Transit Buses - $12.48 million
      5. MDOT SHA 26 Dump Trucks - $3.5 million
  5. 1.3% Administrative Costs - $1 million

Draft Plan

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