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Final Plan Issued

The DNR issued a final plan on Aug. 6, 2018. The plan provides the following Funding Allocations:

* School Buses $12 million
* Government Trucks Large and medium government-owned trucks $6 million
* Transit and Shuttle Buses $4 million
* Nongovernment Trucks $6 million
* Locomotive and Marine $2 million
* Airport and Cargo Equipment $2 million
* DERA Option $3 million
* Electric Vehicle Charging Stations $6 million


School Bus Funding Opportunity 

The DNR is accepting applications for the 2018 Missouri Early School Bus Replacement Program. Qualifying school districts refers to public schools, charter schools and private or faith-based schools. To qualify, an older bus engine must be from model years 1995 to 2006, and the fleet owner must not have the bus scheduled for replacement for at least three years if not for the grant. The program will fund up to $22,000 of the cost of a new bus. A school bus owner may apply for up to three new diesel buses and up to 10 new buses that use alternative fuels, including propane, natural gas and 100 percent electricity.

The department plans to hold a random drawing in September 2018 to select recipients of the program affiliated with both the Volkswagen Trust and the federal Diesel Emissions Reduction Act. After the drawing, the department will notify recipients and post a list of beneficiaries on this webpage. Applicants not selected will be eligible for the second-chance funding under the Volkswagen Trust; they will not have to submit additional applications. Additional details on the funding opportunity are available on the DNR website.

Meeting: On Aug. 30 at 2 p.m., the DNR will host a meeting at its Bennett Spring and Roaring River Conference Rooms, 1730 E. Elm St. - Lower Level, Jefferson City; Agenda - PDF Document. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the plan, guidelines, school bus application period, and next steps.

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