Final Plan - Summary Details

On May 10, 2018, the Department of Environmental Protection issued a final Beneficiary Mitigation Plan (BMP).  The BMP allocates the state's $118.5 million in VW Settlement Funding as follows with anticipated timing of funding announcements:

* Ferries, Tugs, Freight Switchers - $34.1 million; Fall 2018
* Medium Duty Trucks, Port Drayage Trucks, School Buses and Shuttle Buses - $29.9 million; Summer 2018
* DERA - $8.9 million; Opened May 19, 2018
* Ground Service Equipment, Forklifts, Port Cargo - $5.9 million; Fall 2018
* Heavy Duty Trucks and Transit Buses - $16.1 million; Summer 2018
* Ocean Going Shorepower - $5.9 million; Summer 2018
* ZEV Supply Equipment Grants/Rebates - $17.7 million

Funding Opportunities 

The state’s VW Settlement funding effort is part of a new program called Driving PA Forward.  Information on funding opportunities can be found on the new website:  Details provided below. 

DERA/VW Funding Opportunity: The DEP has announced the availability of $2.6 million for DERA projects with most of the funding to be provided by the Volkswagen Settlement.  The Department is seeking applications for projects that will replace or retrofit fleet diesel-powered highway and nonroad vehicles, engines and equipment. Public and private entities that operate diesel-powered fleets throughout this Commonwealth should apply. Projects must use technologies certified or verified by the EPA or the California Air Resources Board to lower diesel emissions, unless otherwise noted in the Grant Program guidelines.

Applications must be submitted online through the Department of Community and Economic Development's Electronic Single Application web site, eGrants at The Department will accept applications through 4 p.m. on Friday, March 6, 2020. Fax and e-mail submissions of applications will not be accepted.

Interested applicants with questions may contact the Bureau of Air Quality at or (717) 787-9495.

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Legislative Proposals

SB 722. Directs how VW Settlement Funds are to be used: (1) majority of funding should go to optional low-NOx certified engines or vehicles and zero emission vehicles; (2) no more than 25 percent funding is to be provided for the cost of private fleet to purchase replacement vehicles, (3) cap of $50,000 for replacement costs; and, (4) no more than 20 percent of available funds are to be used for public or governmental fleets. Status: to Environmental Resources and Energy.