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Grants and Incentives

Numerous federal and state grant opportunities exist to assist fleets in transitioning to the pure power of natural gas. Some programs are limited to government entities, but many also include funding for private fleets and even individual consumers.


The federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ) provides billions of dollars in federal funding for transportation-related projects that alleviate air emissions and traffic congestion. CMAQ dollars are funneled to states; many set aside a portion of these funds specifically for alternative fuel vehicles including natural gas.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Diesel Emissions Reduction Act Program (DERA) provides funding to replace or repower older medium- and heavy-duty diesel vehicles.

Volkswagen Settlement Funding

The Volkswagen settlement Environmental Mitigation Trust offers a game-changing opportunity to accelerate the use of the cleanest medium- and heavy-duty powertrains on the market today — natural gas vehicles.

The settlement — an outcome of the automaker’s emissions cheating scandal — provides $2.9 billion to states to make public-private investments to clean their dirtiest air and encourages states to use these funds to replace Classes 4 – 8 diesel-powered trucks and buses. These funds can be used to retire older, dirtier vehicles and replace them with new, cleaner vehicles, thereby benefiting not only the businesses themselves but the communities in which they operate.