NGVAmerica is the national association working to grow a profitable and sustainable market for natural gas as a transportation fuel.

America’s abundant natural gas reserves have led to unprecedented industry investment and consumer adoption, ensuring a predominant place for NGVs in our transportation future. For almost three decades, NGVAmerica has been the national voice for the NGV industry and has worked to create an environment favorable to industry growth. In that time, we have helped hundreds of companies achieve their highest level of success.

By becoming a member of NGVAmerica you will join the ranks of more than 200 companies representing all segments of the industry, and leaders that share a common vision: a robust natural gas vehicle market for a cleaner, healthier, and more secure America. In addition to supporting NGVAmerica’s important and ongoing legislative and regulatory work, market development activities, and involvement to create coherent national codes and standards, members enjoy numerous valuable benefits.

Why Natural Gas Vehicles?

NGVs can improve the air we breathe with 90% fewer NOx emissions while helping our wallets with price stability. With technology that’s ready now, why wait?


Voice Heard
Have your voice heard
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Seat at the Table

Have your views heard as the industry contemplates policy and regulatory efforts that support a strong NGV marketplace.

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One-on-One Support

Experienced staff works directly with members to assist on issues that support your business across a broad range of NGV issues.

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Industry Committees

Participation in committees that tackle key NGV initiatives – State and Federal Advocacy, Technology, Communications/Market Development.

Get Connected
Get connected
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Industry Sales & Production Analysis

Detailed annual report that provides NGV production and sales totals and analysis of market trends.

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Fueling Infrastructure Report

Monthly report on the fueling infrastructure in the U.S. that includes up-to-date lists of stations, contact information, and accessibility.

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Industry Business Directory

Directory of NGVAmerica members dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services.

Stay informed
Stay informed
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Weekly Newsletter

Executive newsletter covering NGVAmerica’s legislative and regulatory work and industry news.

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Annual NGV Conference & Leadership Forums

NGVAmerica is the convening voice of the industry and members take part in special events that bring NGV leaders together several times a year.

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Put more NGVs on the road by …

Leading public policy and regulatory initiatives at the state & federal level.

Communicating the value of natural gas as a transportation fuel to policymakers, trade press and consumers.

Developing common standards and best practices for the safety and excellence of NGV technologies.

Convening NGV leaders to develop strategies that encourage a strong and growing marketplace.


NGVA member

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