Final Plan

The plan includes the following allocations:

  • 52% or $21.32 million - Onroad Equipment and Vehicles: Class 4-8 trucks and Class 4-8 school, shuttle, and transit buses
    • 40% or $8.53 million for school buses
    • 60% or $12.79 million for trucks and buses
  • 20% or $8.2 million - Nonroad Equipment and Vehicles: airport ground support equipment, forklifts and port cargo handling equipment, ferries and tugboats, and freight-switcher locomotives
  • 10% or $4.1 million - DERA Option: idle reduction technologies, diesel engine Repower and Replacements using fuel options not permitted under Volkswagen, diesel engine upgrades, and exhaust after treatments
  • 15% or $6.15 million -  Light-Duty Electric Infrastructure
  • 3% or $1.23 million - Administrative Costs

IDEM does not intend to fund any heavy duty electric vehicle infrastructure because this would create inequity with other alternative fuel and diesel projects.  In terms of funding specific project, IDEM intends follow the funding percentages set out in the Trust Agreement for non-government fleets and plans to reimburse government-owned fleets and equipment at the same level as nongovernment owned fleet and equipment owners, as opposed to the full cost reimbursement permitted.

Funding Opportunity - Deadline November 25, 2020

$2.2 million will be provided for non-road projects per Indiana’s DieseWise Program.  Funding is provided from the Volkswagen Settlement per the DERA option.  The closing date for applications is November 25, 2020, 5:00 p.m. ET. Indiana will only accept electronic grant applications. Electronic grant applications must be submitted in Microsoft Word or PDF format, along with the DieselWise Indiana Fleet Spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet format to Mr. Shawn M. Seals at Nonroad vehicles and equipment include vehicles, engines, and equipment used for construction, agriculture, cargo handling (port, airport, and others), rail transportation, marine transportation as well as others.  DieselWise Indiana anticipates awarding cooperative agreements from this announcement ranging from $50,000 to $750,000, subject to availability of funds and the quality of proposals received. Full details on this funding opportunity are available HERE.

Final Plan

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