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EMT Fund

Action Deadline(s)

Settlement Survey Comments by March 2, 2018

Request for Comments/Input

If you have specific vehicle replacement, repowers, or charging station projects that are listed under the eligible mitigation actions, please submit information related to your project. This Request for Information (RFI) is being sought strictly for gaining knowledge of services and supplies available with an estimate of their corresponding costs and should not be construed as intent, commitment, or promise to acquire services, supplies, or solutions offered. No contract will result from any response to this RFI.

Information about projects may include:

Eligible mitigation project category (e.g., vehicle replacements, repowers, light duty electric vehicle charging stations, marketing or education directly associated with projects)
Project location (including city and county as well as whether project is in an area that receives a disproportionate quantity of air pollution from NOx emissions such as near a school, in an existing industrial area, and other relevant location information)
For light duty electric vehicle charging stations indicate whether project is Level II, Level III or a mix of both.
Fleet type, number of vehicles targeted
Project technology (e.g., diesel bus replacement with battery-electric, freight truck diesel engine repower with cleaner alternative fueled engine)
Government or non-government owned
Projected total project cost
If the project would replace eligible class 4-8 vehicles with an all-electric vehicle please include the estimated cost of the charging station.
Expected NOx and other emission reductions associated with the project
Other economic, public health and environmental benefits
At a later date, a formal project solicitation period will occur prior to project evaluation, selection and execution. Please send all information to Kyla Maki at

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