Plan Details

The Oregon Legislature in 2017 authorized a focused project list looking only to upgrade or replace at least 450 older diesel school buses.  The DEQ accordingly issued a notice in May 2018 indicating that its plan is to target the replacement or upgrade of at least 450 school buses. Of the 2800 or so diesel school buses older than model year 2007 the DEQ determined that there would still be 450 buses remaining in 2025 after normal turnover had occurred. This funding is meant to facilitate the change out of these remaining buses. As per the direction in statute, buses were randomly selected among public and private school fleets operating in the state. This project will take about $18-20 million of the $72.9 allocation to the state of Oregon. DEQ anticipates the Oregon Legislature in the 2019 legislative session will consider authorizing additional priorities for the remaining funds. There will be opportunities for your involvement in this priority setting process both in the legislative and administrative realms.

Funding allocations:

25% - School bus program

75% - Flexible funding


DEQ Rulemaking – Advisory Committee Meeting

HB 2007 (2019) authorized the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission to adopt rules to implement an expanded diesel emissions reduction program with VW Environmental Mitigation funds. DEQ proposes to complete a rulemaking for the grant program to specify application requirements, project selection criteria, and other requirements included in statute. DEQ has appointed an advisory committee to review issues related to the proposed rules. A committee meeting took place on March 9, 2020. Future opportunities for the public to provide input are expected.  For information about this rulemaking, contact Gerik Kransky; 503-229-5177; Gerik.Kransky@state.or.us.



Where to Send Comments

Comments may be submitted by email to ORVWMP@deq.state.or.us or by mail to:

Kevin Downing
700 NE Multnomah St. Suite 600
Portland, OR 97232

Legislative Proposals